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Accelerate your bold solutions to global issues with the support of mentorship, start-up resources, and consulting


Connect with mentors around the world and fellow youth changemakers to expand your network and gain access to growth opportunities


Create real, tangible, and sustainable impact through social enterprise

Amplifying next-generation change

Here at Wavve, we know that while youth are just 25% of the present population, theyre 100% of the future. We believe that with a combination of strategy, collaboration, and innovation, Wavve can accelerate their bold solutions to global issues. Our primary goal is to provide a pathway for Generation-Z to develop solutions for the most pressing challenges of today. By providing start-up resources, mentorship, and access to a large network of changemakers, Wavve enables youth to create social ventures as a force for global change. Around the world, our innovators work to solve issues in Technology, Environmental Sustainability, Economic Development, Education, Global Health, Human Rights, and Global Crises.


Create Bold Impact

Our innovation platform is for emerging leaders looking to make wavves in social innovation

Proven Methodology

Wavve incubees receive weekly meetings with connected peer project managers, assistance from our resident web/graphic designers, and startup tools developed with social entrepreneurship experts at Cornell and University of Pennsylvania

Global Network

Join our community of youth innovators, mentors, staff, and partners. Gain access to networking events, leadership building opportunities, and guest webinars. Collaborate with other youth entrepreneurs to expand your impact

Find a Mentor

Get matched with professionals and industry experts  who provide valuable insight as your venture grows

100% Online

Access our platform wherever and whenever you want. No barriers, limits or excuses

The social impact platform empowering Gen-Z driven solutions

Online Platform and Program

Wavve utilizes an 8-week program to help young entrepreneurs and activists launch their social ventures. Wavve incubees get matched to experienced, connected peer project managers who utilize our online platform to provide the resources, structure, and connections necessary to help launch and grow impactful social enterprises.  Our online platform allows incubees to work together with peers, receive feedback from your  project managers, and gain access to our startup kit and curriculum business tools. 


1-1 Mentorship

Wavve’s network of mentors is comprised of a diverse group of professionals and subject matter experts from all industries. Based on your venture field andneeds Wavve sets up live mentor sessions over the course of the 8 week program. 


Featured Ventures

From hydroponic sustainable gardening to media companies, Wavve’s portfolio of ventures are creating real impact to solve pressing real-world issues. Click through to view Wavve’s current featured ventures


Maps service optimized for pedestrians, highlighting the safest route to your destination. 


Community-based organization advocating for underrepresented youth in STEM fields.

Unapolagetic Magazine

Social justice magazine and media company lending a space for persons of color to live life unapologetically.


Personalized smart sleeve tackling relapse after physical therapy. 


Our Executive Team

A striking testament to our own philosophy, Wavve’s under-22 Gen-Z team comes from a diverse area of interests and backgrounds, but are all united in their mission to elevate next generation change.  


Riya Krishnan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

My primary objective is to lead our team of ten and to plan our organization’s development with social impact at its core

Caitlin Stanton

Chief Communications Officer

My primary objective is to expand Wavve’s reach by communicating with mentors and partners

Minnah Sheikh

Chief Public Relations Officer

My primary objective is to help communicate Wavve’s mission to the world and manage our social media

Rohan Pandey

Chief Technology Officer & Project Manager

My primary objective is to manage our online platform and coach Wavve’s tech startups


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