The World’s First Gen-Z Driven Open Social Innovation Platform

What We Do

We’re making wavves in business and social innovation. Read to learn more


Create a platform for Generation Z and existing organizations to develop solutions addressing pressing challenges


Accelerate viable solutions from Generation Z by providing resources and mentorship from partners already working to drive social innovation


Unite today's and tomorrow's changemakers, creating a synergistic platform for social change

It has always been the task of the new generation to provoke changes

- Ludwig von Mises

Who Are We?

We are Wavve, the world’s first Generation-Z driven open social innovation platform. Here at Wavve, we know that while youth are just 25% of the present population, they are 100% of the future. We believe that with a combination of strategy, collaboration, and innovation, Wavve can accelerate their bold solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

Our primary goal is to provide a pathway for Generation Z and existing organizations to develop solutions for the most pressing challenges of today. By providing resources, partnerships, and access to a large network of changemakers, Wavve allows for youth to create social ventures as a force for tangible global change, and unleashes the power of collaboration to maximize social impact  Around the world, our innovators work to solve issues such as Environmental Sustainability, Economic Development, Education, Global Health, Human Rights, Hunger and Poverty, and Global Crises.

We've Got 99 Problems...

And we’re working towards solving them. Join our community to help us do it.