Building Real Solutions for Today's Toughtest Problems

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to strengthen the pathways for Generation Z and the global community to develop solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges. 

We do this in three steps:



Start with a big activating issue that brings people together



Develop cohorts of bold  Gen-Z driven social ventures  to tackle each issue

Equip our innovators with the resources, mentorship and skills to build their ventures



Elevate viable, high-potential, high-impact ventures

Connect ventures with partners and work together to bring solutions to life

How Does It Work?

Develop Your Venture

We help young innovators create their business plans,  giving them access to our online resources and curriculum to help design, start up, and grow their ventures.

Engage With Mentors

Gain access to our network of subject-matter experts and mentors ready to guide your venture and provide valuable insight

Our Accelerators

Environmental Sustainability




Global Crises

Burning Questions

We’ve got you covered. 

Great Question! Wavve is the world’s first Generation-Z driven open social innovation platform. We enable Generation Z innovators and the global community to come together and develop solutions for the world’s biggest problems.  Wavve provides resources, connections, and design tools to help Generation-Z develop high-impact ventures, and work with existing corporations and organizations to accelerate their impact. 

Wavve runs different accelerators focused on societal issues (Environmental  Sustainability, Technology, Advocacy, etc) to give our Gen-Z innovators and their ventures it the design tools, support, and connections they need to launch their ventures

Anyone! Whether you’re an audacious high school innovator, a representative of a company or organization, or a mentor, if you’re working to tackle big issues, we want you to join us.  We believe that by sharing our ideas, diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources, we will become a force for effective change and innovation. 

As a teen innovator, we welcome you to share your ideas and ventures to develop solutions in collaboration with our network and support system. By joining out platform, you’ll go through our acceleration process (Inspire, Design, Impact), and we’ll share tools and activities to advance your ventures along the way. From learning how to  prototype, to pitching, to implementing strategic plans, our unique acceleration experience will help you launch your groundbreaking venture and have it reach maximum impact. Interested? Learn more here

A social venture is a business or nonprofit that seeks to solve a social problem, while remaining financially sustainable 

Each Wavve Accelerator is created as a partnership with Wavve, its teen innovators, and partner organizations or companies. Together with our partners, we’ll evaluate each venture we accelerate, identifying those for further celebration, support, and partnership. Interested? Learn more here.