Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bold Change


Where is Wavve located?

Wavve is a completely virtual program and platform.

Is Wavve open to international youth?

Yes, our ventures and incubees hail from across the country and the globe.

What its the cost of participating in Wavve?

Wavve is tuition-free. We're an impact-driven organization working to extend social entrepreneurship across socioeconomic borders, to underrepresented youth as well.

Do I have to have an idea to apply to Wavve?

Wavve accepts innovators from every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Whether you are in the brainstorming phase or are looking to expand an existing venture, Wavve is looking for leaders commuted to driving bold change.

What is a social venture?

A social venture is a business or nonprofit that works to solve a social or environmental problem while remaining financially sustainable.

How does Wavve work for accepted incubees?

Accepted incubees are invited to join our online platform where they are matched with a peer mentor. Incubees and peer mentors work to create a roadmap to accelerate your venture's launch and growth, and participate together in weekly video meetings for eight weeks. After meetings, incubees gain access to case studies, business planning tools, and developmental resources, as well as access to our resident web and graphic designers. Throughout the program, Wavve pairs incubees with mentors and organizes networking and collaboration opportunities such as webinars and pitch events.

How does Wavve work for mentors?

Mentors may apply via our mentor application form, and will be invited to join our online platform upon acceptance. Mentors are sent regular updates and profiles on our current ventures, and will be able to sign-up to mentor ventures via videoconference.

Where can I reach out for more info or other inquiries?

Email or fill our our contact form, and a member of our team will get back to you in 24 hours.